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Health Coach Kitchen

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Improving health through community coaching and cooking

Charise runs Health Coach Kitchen, delivering educational workshops that inspire people across Camden to transform their health. Her community coaching and cooking workshops bring people together to learn about nutrition, try new recipes and build new connections and friendships.

We spoke to Charise to learn more.

Charise stands inside the community centre at Bourne Estate smiling at the camera, wearing an apron and holding a mixing bowl of ingredients with a wooden spoon.

What inspired you to start Health Coach Kitchen?

“I qualified as a health coach because I saw how changing my diet transformed my own health. I had severe depression and chronic fatigue caused by personal trauma and my health was suffering – I got sick a lot and it would take me ages to recover.”

“Changing what I eat has been transformational for me and my outlook on life, so I wanted to empower others to choose healthier food choices too.”

“But when I began coaching people one-to-one, I realised that many lacked confidence in the kitchen, so I started the community workshops to show people just how easy and simple it is to make healthy swaps.”

“We have powerful conversations where everyone uplifts each other.”

Charise, founder of Health Coach Kitchen

Why is coaching and cooking together important?

“Before we start cooking, I talk through how each ingredient in the recipe supports health. It takes more effort to cook than it does to order a takeaway or pick up a ready meal, so discussing the health benefits of the recipes gives people the motivation to cook them.”

“I also wanted to provide a space where likeminded people can get to know each other. I’m open and honest with everyone about my own experiences which encourages others to feel comfortable to open up about their struggles too. We have powerful conversations where everyone uplifts each other.”

“One woman told me that I should rebrand the workshops because they’re more than cooking, they improve mental health and reduce social isolation too.”

Charise and two female participants of the community cooking workshops put their healthy brownie mixtures in the oven.

What difference are the workshops making?

The workshops build confidence and improve health. Those who have made changes to their daily lives report that they have better energy levels, mood and reduced symptoms, and some have even returned to work after a long time. Their families are now eating more healthily too so there’s a ripple effect.”

What difference have the workshops made to you?

“Running the workshops got me out of bed in periods of severe depression and helped me to get my mind and body going again after suffering with severe fatigue for so long.”

“A lot of people that come to the workshops are going through their own challenges. It inspires and energises me to see them show up, as I know how hard that is when you’re in survival mode. I get as much from helping people as they get from me.”

A group of four female workshop participations stand together, with Charise, laughing with each other. There is fresh salad at the front of the photo and each woman is holding a plate of healthy snacks they have made.

What’s next for the Health Coach Kitchen?

“I’ve been developing and delivering primary school workshops that use fun role-play games to teach children the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, and it’s been a great success so far. It’s really rewarding when parents tell me that their children have gone on to influence the whole family’s eating habits and they now eat less sugar and more veg!”

“I believe that empowering children and parents to make healthier choices early on is key to preventing future health issues and has the potential to reduce pressures on NHS services.”

“I’m really excited for this venture and can’t wait to see what this year holds!”

Charise and a female workshop participant are standing outside at the Bourne Estate. Both are wearing aprons. Charise is holding two large plates of fresh salad and sweet potato brownies. The participant is smiling at the camera while balancing a saucepan on her head.

Join a Health Coach Kitchen workshop

When: Every other Saturday from 11am to 2pm, during term time.

Where: 7 Dowdney Close, London, NW5 2BP

Contact Charise at to book a spot and visit to find out more.

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