Hampstead Classical Society

Hampstead Classical Society

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The Hampstead Classical Society is a community-led project that aims to promote classical studies and increase the popularity of ancient Greek, Latin and philosophy books. The project is open to all and encourages people to join and participate in the book clubs, reading groups, and events hosted by the Society.

Alba Miriello, the director of the Society and one of the four members of its committee, applied for funding from the We Make Camden Kit to help turn her project idea into reality.

We spoke to Alba to find out more.

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What motivated you to start Hampstead Classical Society?

“I want to be impactful in the community. I think we are part of the larger picture, and as I’ve been welcomed in the UK from Italy, I want to build dialogue. That’s what the society stands for. I studied classical studies and I think that between the east and the west, there is not enough knowledge of cultures. With classical texts, we can bridge that gap.”

“Hampstead Classical Society is an opportunity for you to get to know the classics, to enter conversations with other residents, and is an opportunity to come together. It’s about reading and sharing ideas.”

“I want to be impactful in the community.”

Alba, director

What impact has the project had on the local community and on you? 

“The project has impacted me a lot in a positive way. Eight people are currently enrolled in the Society and are really interested and engaged. The response from the community has been good, but it still needs building.”

How did the We Make Camden Kit help you to bring the Society to life? 

“I wanted to start the Society but I couldn’t do it without funding. The We Make Camden Kit has helped me immensely to turn my idea into reality. It put me in contact with people from Camden Giving and the Council, and there’s much more value attached to the financial help. You can put forward your idea and gauge interest, and in the long term, you find out what people enjoy.”

We Make Camden Kit

This project contributes to the Sustainable Estates and Neighbourhoods Mission and is supported by the We Make Camden Kit.

If you have a community project you’d like to bring to life or expand, the We Make Camden Kit could help you too. Find out more here

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