We Make Camden brings us together to build a better Camden for all

Over the past year we’ve seen everyone in Camden come together to do all we can to support one another. Now, as we recover, we have the opportunity to keep working together to build a better, fairer borough.

Building a Camden for all

The community in response to covid has been amazing, but we know there are some even greater challenges in front of us – be it tackling inequality, supporting our ageing populations, or addressing the climate crisis – we know it is only by working together as the citizens, organisations and businesses that make Camden, that we can create the future we all want to see.

The Leader of Camden Council, Councillor, Georgia Gould says:

“Now is the time for locally driven, purposeful economic renewal. Camden Council has been on a journey to unleash the power of our communities and ensure all who live here have a stake in the wealth and opportunity on their doorstep.”

Our four missions

By launching the missions, we are setting a direction and an ambition for how we want Camden to transform by 2030. The missions will allow us to – hand-in-hand with Camden’s community – build a fairer, more sustainable economy that works for all and to create a more equal borough with plenty of opportunity for everyone.

We want to make sure everyone has the chance to succeed, nobody gets left behind and everybody has a voice. Every resident and organisation in Camden has a role in achieving the missions – we recognise that the missions’ success will depend on working together and getting the whole borough involved.

Diversity in positions of power
Access to food for all
Opportunities for young people
Sustainable neighbourhoods

Diversity in positions of power

By 2030, those holding positions of power in Camden are as diverse as our community – and the next generation is ready to follow.

The commission wants to ensure that people from all ethnic backgrounds in Camden are represented in leadership roles and positions of power across the borough. We will support all our communities to design their own solutions to achieve this mission.

We aim to make these positions more accessible and inclusive to people from a wide range of backgrounds by removing traditional barriers to entry and to develop and promote modern and inclusive leadership spaces.

One promising mechanism suggested to support diversity in positions of power is to provide optional bursaries or stipends for serving in a leadership role in a volunteer capacity. We want to support our young people to be fearless through more equal access to skills and opportunities.

“If there is anywhere in Britain that could serve as a petri dish for examining race, class and culture, Camden would be that place.”

says Akala, the Kentish Town-raised rapper, journalist, author, activist and poet in his book Natives

Opportunities for 
young people

By 2025, every young person has access to economic opportunity that enables them to be safe and secure.

This mission brings the voices of young people to the forefront to give them agency and a platform to shape their environment. By this we mean trusting young people and sharing power in decision-making processes. To make this mission a reality we have to listen to our youth, even when what they have to say might be challenging or uncomfortable to hear.

We want to give young people in Camden the best start in life. We are a borough rich with opportunity – and through this mission we want to work with Camden-based businesses and organisations to open up access to networks and resources and bring them closer to young people.

Our goal is that every young person, no matter their background, will be able to explore their interests, express creatively, and be safe to experiment and try out things so that they can make well-informed choices about their future. Quality education and having spaces for creativity, fun, building connections and caring for oneself and one another are key for this mission.

Access to food for all

By 2030, everyone eats well every day with nutritious, affordable, sustainable food.

By launching this mission, we want to reimagine the food system in Camden, working with community organisations, schools, businesses and residents to make sure that no one worries about where their next meal is coming from.

Food has the potential to bring people, families and communities together. With this in mind we aim to unlock the resources and energy from within the community – encouraging experimentation, new partnerships, entrepreneurial activity and community-led activities responding to food poverty. Our focus is on rethinking how we can redesign the food supply chains in Camden to help us achieve our zero carbon goal and empower the community to come up with new ways of making food healthier and available.

An example of this mission activity is a Click and Collect App for a food bank that is being developed by a group of young people in Camden.

Sustainable neighbourhoods

By 2030, Camden’s estates and streets are creative and sustainable.

How to get involved

Do you have a project or story to share? Or an idea? Get in touch. We want to hear from you.

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