About the funding

The We Make Camden Kit gives money and support to Camden residents and community groups who have great ideas for their communities.

Residents and community groups can apply via Camden Giving’s website to receive up to £1,500 to deliver ideas that contribute to Camden’s four missions.

Residents can also receive support with insurance, safeguarding and connections to make their ideas a success.

Decisions on who receives funding and support are made by a panel of Camden residents from across the borough, who have diverse experiences of Camden, with the panel of Camden residents supported by a partnership between Camden Council and Camden Giving.

Who are Camden Giving?

Camden Giving is an organisation that has the mission to end local poverty and inequality in Camden. They believe that volunteering, participatory funding, resident decision-making and employment opportunities as well as how they are delivered are key to creating equality.

Participation and shifting power

Camden Giving prioritises shifting power to a varied range of voices, over counting the number of residents involved in grant-giving, because people who are surviving the issues we’re concerned about should be the ones we look to for solutions.

When they interview for panellists, they look for people who are struggling to have their voices heard and who have experienced the harsher side of Camden. Changes will be made to programmes to fit panellists’ specific needs – for example arranging meetings around childcare, work and probation sentences.

Photo credits: Camden Giving

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