Good Life Camden

A framework for understanding people’s wellbeing in Camden and how it is being used.

We want to support everyone in Camden to live a good life. That’s why we set out to understand what is important for people living and working in Camden today, what is central to their wellbeing, and to living a good life.  

In 2022, we worked with Camden residents and officers to co-create the Good Life Camden framework – a tool to shape our work based on what matters most to people in Camden, so that we can support everyone to live better lives.  

We want to embed the framework across the borough, so that we are all working towards achieving the common goal of improving people’s lives, as the framework outlines. 

The Good Life Camden framework is a hexagon shape, coloured blue, pink, orange and yellow with each theme listed.

How is the framework structured? 

Based on what communities and residents told us, we have structured the framework into 9 themes. These themes are the areas that people felt were the most essential for living a good life.

Of these 9, there are 3 ‘core themes’, which residents told us cut across all other themes – safety, equality, and health. The framework is underpinned by a set of signals and measures which improve our understanding of what matters to residents and enables us to measure this consistently over time.  

Signals are the change we expect to see if we are improving on a theme. Measures are the way we measure change using data. 

Some examples of themes, signals and measures include:

A table showing the three core themes that run through the framework. Health - People live long and healthy lives - Healthy life expectancy Equality - Inequalities in earnings are small - Gaps in earnings Safety - Everyone in Camden feels safe - Perception of safety - do you feel safe?

Good Life Camden data will be published in the annual State of the Borough report and will be used to understand how our We Make Camden Missions and Challenges are having an impact on people’s lives. 


What partners, residents and council staff are saying about the benefits of using Good Life Camden. It helped us to: 

  • “Frame a conversation with residents and focus on what is important to them.” 
  • “Develop our new approach to social value in procurement outcomes.” 
  • “Shape the Youth Safety framework in the wider context of We Make Camden and link to the borough prioritise.” 
  • “Think about better outcomes for residents and take a more active role in reducing inequality.” 
An illustration of colourful hands with heart shapes in the palms - colours are navy blue, green, yellow, pink and blue

How we can help you use the framework

The Good Life Camden team can support you to use the framework. We can help you to:  

  • Develop an evaluation methodology – e.g. a questionnaire, survey, focus group – that could benefit from Good Life Camden framing.  
  • Think about how you could describe your work for funding bids using Good Life Camden data.  
  • Understand how Good Life Camden could be used to narrate the impact of your work on residents’ lives – e.g. to a board of directors, governors or stakeholders.  
  • Help you identify indicators and data sources from the Good Life Camden framework that are relevant to your work.  
An illustration of four office workers are sitting at a table with their laptops, computers and notebooks.

Get in touch at to discuss how your organisation can use the framework in your decision making, prioritising work, and measuring its impact. 

Available Resources

The Good Life Camden team have developed some resources to support you to use the framework: 

An illustration of a diverse group of people, standing together
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