Our Mission:
Estates and Neighbourhoods

By 2030, Camden’s estates and their neighbourhoods are healthy, sustainable and unlock creativity.

Since the start of 2021, Camden’s partners and communities have been working together to understand how we can ensure all of our homes, estates and neighbourhoods are healthy and sustainable. We started by imagining what our life would be like if the places we live helped to achieve our potential rather than acted as a barrier.

We know that life can be different depending on where you live in Camden. This includes how our surroundings make us feel, our sense of connection to our neighbours and our local area, the services we access, how we travel around, our ability to meet others and the opportunities available to us. This difference was highlighted by COVID-19 and raised the challenge: what would it look like if our homes, neighbourhoods and estates enabled us all to live happy, healthy, fulfilling and sustainable lives, no matter where we live in Camden?

The place we call home should help us live our lives and how these places are designed, managed and lived in should reflect that. This means the look and feel of estates should inspire and uplift everyone and bring a sense of pride and community. Their management and how services are delivered should be shaped by and respond to the needs and priorities of those who live there. And life on estates should provide opportunities– a sense of belonging and connection, with spaces inside and outside for creativity, learning and activity.

The challenge for Camden is how we can build and develop healthier and sustainable communities that supports everyone to achieve the best in life, without being held back. We want all our neighbourhoods to support everyone to be healthy, to achieve their wellbeing and self-fulfilment and collectively, to meet and exceed our climate action goals.

If you are a resident, or work for a local organisation or business that wants to get involved in this mission, Get in touch, we want to hear from you.

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Apply for support for your idea

If you’re a resident you can apply for the We Make Camden Kit and get funding and support to help you realise your idea. The fund is managed by local charity Camden Giving and ideas are assessed by a panel of local residents.

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