Coram’s Fields: Youth gym

Coram’s Fields: Youth gym

Coram’s Fields: Youth gym 1914 846 Sara Mahgoub

Supporting young peoples’ wellbeing during the cost of living crisis

Coram’s Fields is a charity that provides support, mentoring and activities to children and young people up to the age of 19 years old.

Some of the young people who attend or work at the youth centre came up with the idea to open a gym at Coram’s Fields that is especially for young people to provide a free and safe place to work out.

We spoke to Naz Deen, Head of Youth and Sport, Dershe Shah, Life and Careers Coach, and Basil Andrews, Lead Outreach Youth Worker, to find out more about the new gym and how the cost of living crisis is impacting young people.

Men and woman smiling in a group
Coram's Fields Youth Team (left to right): Chris Ngoma, Haroun Al-Goned, Naz Deen, Dershe Shah, Josh O’Riley.

Can you tell us about Coram’s Fields and what you do here?

ND: We run a holistic service for children and young people to live a happy and healthy life. We have a varied programme of activities to improve their personal and social development through sport, physical fitness, and one-to-one mentoring. We are led by young people through our regular youth consultations to see what activities they’d like to take part in that would benefit them directly.

DS: We have employability programmes as well, to help young people find jobs and apprenticeship schemes. Demand for this service has increased as more people are looking for jobs to support their families.

How do you think the new gym will make a difference to young people’s lives?

ND: Joining a gym can be very expensive but our youth gym is completely free of charge. We always have qualified personal trainers on site too so young people can work out in a fun and safe manner. Keeping fit and healthy also improves their self-esteem and confidence and encourages them to create a long-lasting active hobby.

DS: Some young people are training to be personal trainers so it makes complete sense that they are able to work here – it’s an amazing addition to what we already have.

“Keeping fit and healthy also improves their self-esteem and confidence and encourages them to create a long-lasting active hobby.”

Naz Deen, Head of Youth and Sport

Man stands next to a Coram's Field sign
Naz Deen, Head of Youth and Sport at Coram's Fields

How is Coram’s Fields helping young people during the cost of living crisis?

ND: All the activities in our Sports Development Programme and Youth Centre are completely free of charge so we’ve removed that huge barrier of affordability. Even more young people have joined the programme during the cost of living crisis because it’s an incredibly stressful time for everyone, especially in our community. Coram’s Fields is a safe haven where young people can access support, mentoring and tailored activities at no cost, which makes it a thriving hub for young people and families to feel part of during this difficult and anxious time.

BA: As part of my job, I speak to young people every day to understand what they want to do and how we can support them at this time – this could be anything from helping them find a job or getting production experience at our on-site music studio.

To find out more about what’s on offer for young people at Coram’s Fields,  visit them at 93 Guilford St, London WC1N 1DN, follow them on Instagram or visit

Coram’s Fields received support from the Council’s Cost of Living Crisis Community Response Fund | Learn more about the fund

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