Friday Night Supper Club

Friday Night Supper Club

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An inclusive club where disabled young people thrive

The Friday Night Supper Club (FNSC) is an event for disabled young people aged 16 to 35, parents, carers and volunteers to come together to share dinner, play games and socialise. It’s an inclusive club where young people thrive. 

We spoke to Alison who started the club, Frank and Lauren who volunteer, and Sylvania who is a parent to find out more.

Alison, what inspired you to start the club?

Alison: “I wanted my son, who’s 19, to be involved in social activities but there aren’t many services for young people with disabilities, so that’s why I started the FNSC in 2019.”

“We come together around six times a year and have anything from 20 to 50 participants at the Greenwood Centre which is a fully accessible building in Kentish Town.”

“Everyone brings a dish to share and we have a community dinner, buffet style – it’s a really nice atmosphere. Teenagers volunteer to run the club’s games and craft activities, making it fully inclusive.”

“It can be really isolating for parents if they’re the main support for their child so when you’re in a space like this, it takes a lot of pressure off.”

Alison stands smiling at the camera. She is wearing a blue dress and red lanyard.
Alison founded the Friday Night Supper Club

Sylvania, why do you and your son come to the FNSC?

Sylvania: “I’ve been coming to the FNSC since it started. It’s important to me that my son, Robert, who is non-verbal and 29, is socialising. The club gives him the opportunity to get involved in activities and make friends. He’s made some great friends here – he really enjoys the club and looks forward to it.”

Why is the supper part of the club important?

Lauren: “Food is a great way to bond. You get to have a break, sit down and chat with other parents and carers in a relaxed environment. It’s really social and the food is delicious!”

Sylvania: “There’s unity through food – people ask what you’ve made and how you made it, it’s a great conversation starter.”

“There’s unity through food”

Sylvania, parent

Lauren and Frank, what do you do as volunteers and why should others get involved?

Frank: “I’ve always worked with young people, through football coaching and PE teaching. I’ve been around Alison’s son from a young age so she asked me to come to run the activities here – I love it.”

Lauren: “I help with food preparation and run some of the arts and crafts activities. Volunteering is really social, you meet lots of different people.”

Frank: “Volunteering here is really fun, I’d recommend it to everyone. It’s very chilled, you meet good people and we just have a laugh.”

Lauren: “It doesn’t feel like you’re volunteering at all. It’s just two hours of doing something completely different and meeting new people. If you’re thinking about volunteering here – don’t think about it, do it!”

FNSC volunteer Frank stands smiling at the camera, with his arms crossed, wearing a blue striped tshirt.
Frank runs games and sports activities to help young people connect

“Friendships are being made here”

Alison, founder of FNSC

What are your highlights from the club?

Lauren: “Knowing that I live somewhere where this is going on makes me feel proud of our community.”

Sylvania: “My favourite part is seeing Robert recognise the familiar faces, be involved in activities and, of course, the food. It’s a really good feeling when you go from being strangers to talking to each other as friends.”

Frank: “There’s a group of guys who have really grown together which has been amazing to see. A few years ago, they weren’t very confident but now they’re excited to see each other, they play games and eat food together – they’re just being normal teenagers and young people together.”

Alison: “Friendships are being made here between parents and carers, and between our teen volunteers and young people. These social connections are priceless.”

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