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Curious Club

Curious Club 2560 1707 Charlotte Matthews

Staying connected, staying curious

Chris runs the Curious Club, a group for people who identify as LGBTQI+ who love to learn. Every month, the club meets to explore Camden to discover new things and meet new people.

The project received funding from the We Make Camden Kit which helped Chris to start and grow the club.

We spoke to him to find out more.

A close-up photo of Chris who is wearing a floral shirt, yellow jacket and glasses with black frames

What inspired you to start the Curious Club?

“I’m very biased but I think London is truly one of the most remarkable places on planet – there’s this extraordinary energy to it. And there’s so much to explore in Camden.”

“My mantra is to ‘stay connected, stay curious’ and it’s at the core of everything I do. Staying connected and curious is a good way to stay well and that’s what the Curious Club is all about.”

“Every day is an opportunity. Today you could meet someone new and make a friend, you could find a new interest. Life is all about learning and I wanted to encourage other people to think like that too.”

What activities do you do together?

“We meet monthly and could be doing anything from walking tours or meeting an artist, to cooking European dumplings!

“We meet poets, musicians and go to exhibitions – it’s all about learning, experiencing new things and staying curious.”

“In May, the Royal Parks team took us on a tour of Regent’s Park through a LGBTQI+ lens. We learned that mushrooms have 23,000 different genders!”

Chris stands in a group photo with nine members of the Curious Club outside the Old Diorama Arts Centre

“The club brings people together – life is too short not to get to know your community.”

Chris, Curious Club founder

Why is the club important?

“The idea is that you meet on a regular basis so that you can meet new people. I always hope that people will team up and make friends which is what has happened so far.”

“The club brings people together – life’s too short not to get to know your community.”

What difference has the club made to you?

“I’m 73 and I was very busy before I took retirement – I used to run an art and design consultancy and, on top of that, organised events and was a trustee of a community art project.”

“So, since I’ve retired, the club has helped to give me a sense of purpose. If I wake up feeling a bit grumpy, I look at the diary and see that somebody’s waiting for me, so I have a reason to get out of the house and socialise.”

Five members of the Curious Club are looking at a plant in Regents Park with a staff member from Royal Parks who is talking about the plant.

How has the We Make Camden Kit helped you?

“We use the money for lots of things, like refreshments and to pay speakers who come along. I also had to buy a laptop and a projector for presentations, so it’s been really helpful.”

“But it’s more than just money. Being successful in receiving the grant gave me confidence, because the We Make Camden Kit citizen panel decided that the Curious Club is a project that can make a difference.”

What would you say to encourage others to apply for the We Make Camden Kit?

“The world is full of people with incredible ideas and usually they just need a nudge to get going. And the We Make Camden Kit does that.”

“Starting a project gives you purpose and is a good way to stay content because you’re making a difference. If we all do a little bit, eventually change comes along.”

If you’d like to find out more or join the Curious Club, contact us at

We Make Camden Kit

This project contributes to the Sustainable Estates and Neighbourhoods Mission and is supported by the We Make Camden Kit.

If you have a community project you’d like to bring to life or expand, the We Make Camden Kit could help you too. Find out more here

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