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Co-operate helps people come together to make good things happen

Whether you want to find things to do, volunteer, join a group or set up your own – it’s for people who care about their community and want to join forces to get things done

Promote your activity or group

Whether you already run a community group, or want help to start one – it’s a place to get advice, list your group and activities, recruit volunteers and get donations.

Co-operate can help you: 

  • promote your activity or group
  • find people that can help you to grow
  • tell others about the impact you’re having in your community
  • get tips and advice from other organisers through ‘how to’ guides
  • share your activities or groups on social media
  • connect with other groups and activities to grow your network
  • build a relationship with Co-op and member pioneers

Find things to do in Camden

Co-operate lists things to do in Camden, across London and the UK.

These activities:

  • benefit the community
  • are open to everyone
  • are organised by a local group or charity
  • are affordable or free

They’re an easy way for you to start co-operating in your community.

The activities featured on Co-operate cover:

  • free things to do
  • health, wellbeing and fitness
  • learning new skills
  • children’s activities
  • meeting new people
  • online activities
  • pre-recorded activities
  • activities for over 50s
  • music, dance and theatre
  • park and outdoors
  • markets and fairs
  • volunteering

Photo credits: Fitzrovia Youth in Action

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