Young social scientists have their say about the future of Euston

Young social scientists have their say about the future of Euston

Young social scientists have their say about the future of Euston 1429 954 Dominic Murphy

Euston is going through a major transformation which will impact the area and the community for years to come. A group of young social scientists are making sure that Camden residents are at the heart of shaping what the area will look like in the future. Suraya Miah is one of them.

Suraya talks about the chance to “speak up”, which she and her fellow social scientists had as part of the Good Life Euston Partnership, which focused on measuring wellbeing in Euston as the development continues. 

What working with the Good Life Euston Partnership gave us was the chance to speak to those in senior positions and make sure they take action based on real experiences in the community.

Suraya Miah

A unique element of the the citizen social scientists’ programme is also the work, education and experience provided to local young people and the benefit for Suraya and her colleagues was clear:

Suraya’s experience of getting involved has inspired her to do other things.

“The accredited learning, and chance to have learnt things none of us would have in any other environment at this age were also amazing pluses. ‘I hope to do a postgrad after my undergraduate degree with the UCL team. Now, not only do I have links to people, but I know where to go to get the support and education to carry on,” she says.

“Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities. I saw it as a chance to get a seat at the table.”

Suraya Miah

Do you want to find out more or join Euston young social scientists?

You can find out about how to become a young social scientist here and you can also email Good Life Euston for more information.

Photo credit: Sam Lane
Video credit: Suraya Miah

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